Great Summer! Hot Weather! But it is a good time for the ladies and their hair? Summertime means pool parties and beach days are coming! Are you the girl who stands by the pool or seaside far away from any water activity? Are you worried about “messing up your hair”? Now, don’t hesitate, just go ahead after you’ve learned the following tips on how to preserve your hair extensions while swimming in the ocean or pool.


Before you go swimming if you don’t want to wear a swim cap, try the following suggestions:

Allow your weft to soak in fresh water before going into the ocean or poor. Since hair only absorbs limited water, so why not let the hair absorb fresh water instead of chlorinated or salt water. The salt water may dry out your hair.

Next, lather your wet extensions with enough leave-in conditioner. This is very necessary as leave-in conditioner can help to keep cuticles intact and prevent it from absorbing chlorinated or salt water.

After finishing swimming, pay more attention on washing your hair extensions in the following proper way:
1. Keep washing the hair until you feel all the chlorine and salt has been washed out.
2. Remove the first band at the end of your plait and slowly loosen the plait.
3. Add shampoo to that section only and squeeze it through until you have enough lather. (Do not rub).
4. Wash out until the water is clean.
5. Remove the second band and gently part your hair with your fingers
6. Add shampoo and gently squeeze through the hair.
7. Wash out under the shower keeping the hair straight.
8. Apply shampoo over your whole head keeping everything straight, gently stroking through and washing out.
9. Towel wrap your hair to soak up excess water, and then gently brush the hair to remove any minor tangles.
10. Dry naturally or blow dry with medium heat.

Hair Extensions are a luxury and fashionable accessory. It is essential maintain them in order to keep it glossy, silky, tangle free for at least 6 months.

Now, you can enjoy the summer, enjoy swimming, and enjoy showing your beautiful hair at those crazy parties.