If you want to have long and volume hair, you have to try the 100 remy hair extensions. Today we’re going to talk about the extension tape in.


What’s Tape Hair Extension?

100 human hair extensions tape in, made by 100% human remy hair, hair bonded with adhesive and double-sided tape. Compare to the hair weft or pre bonded hair extensions, tapes hair are kind of easier and quicker, create a more natural look in short time, and able to apply at home by yourself or your friends, because do not need any other fusion machine or sewn-in work.

Tape hair extensions normally including below 3 styles:

  • Classic Tape-ins
  • Hand-tied Tape-ins: Exquisite workmanship.
  • Injected Tape-ins: Hair injected one by one, the most natural looking.

 The Benefits/Features of Tape hair Extensions.

As mentioned above, tape hair extensions provide a much more natural looking than many other types of extensions. Easy to install, high quality hair, add volume and length to your hair.

Like a sandwich, sandwich your own hair between two pieces of double-sided tape, which can increase the contact area, make it stronger and safer, protect your own hair in the meantime.

The hair extensions can last for long time with proper installation and care. Various tapes are available also, like American white tape, American blue tape, German blue tape…Different types of double-sided tape have different stickiness. And it’s 100% human remy hairs, so the wearers can dye and heat style the hair extensions, just like your own hair.


How To Care The Tape Hair Extensions?

Proper hair care is necessary for tapes-in hair extensions, and no matter which kind of hair extensions, all need proper hair care, none of these are indestructible:

  • When you have extensions install, wait few days to wash your hair.
  • Use gentle shampoo and conditioner if necessary.
  • Limit styling, heating and hair washing possible, wash your hair only every other day.
  • Use professional brush, braid or put hair to ponytail when sleeping, to prevent hair knotting.
  • Better not swim with hair extensions, because the swim water may exist chemical composition.

Hope above information will help you know more about the tape hair extensions. Please note that hair extensions are human hair like your owns, so need a high maintenance, and it even not like your own hair with nutritional supplement. So make sure you’re ready if you want to get it, add volume and length to your hair instantly, in a natural-looking way.


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