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Why hand-tied wefts are so popular in USA?

The hand tied hair wefts have been around for some time. They look new, but they are getting trendy now.Many hair salons and wholesales we work with are also doing the hand tied weft extensions. Why they are getting so popular on USA now ? Let’s read more on this post.


Increase fullness and length. Hand-tied hair extensions are one of the best types to achieve a completely natural looking. The hand-tied wefts are so light and slender, unlike some extensions, which are not as bulky as you can see.

Less damage. Unlike other hair extensions that requires glue, tapes ,heating or other chemicals, there are no any harmful chemicals used on the hand-sewn extension application, so the damage to your own natural hair is also small.

Natural Appearance. Unlike traditional machine wefts, hand-tied wefts are thinner and almost invisible. Because of this, they blend seamlessly with your natural hair.These features make the hand tied wefts the best choice when selecting extensions. This hand tied extensions can be treated and maintained just like your own natural hair. They can be washed, straightened, or curled to mix with your hair.


Any styles can be done. Some hair extensions are not suitable for upward hairstyles and tall ponytails, because this connection can be seen or difficult to move. The hand-tied weft extensions can be any styles you like, and they move naturally with your own hair.

Suitable for most hairstyles. It used to be thought that hair wefts were only suitable for very thick hair because they were too heavy. Now, thanks to the lightweight hand-tied wefts, they are light enough to fit most types of hair.

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Just like coins, everything has two sides.The hand tied wefts hair require a professional stylist who has specially trained this technique. Don’t try to use these yourself, because this technique need some very fine stitches on your hair. It is also important to ask the stylist to remove them for you, so that you do not damage your natural hair.

If your hair is very thin ,this is not the best choice. Although the hand tied weft extensions are very light, they are still sewn to your natural hair, so if your hair is every thin, it may not be enough to support.

Goodyard Hair are supplying large number of hand tied wefts on many hair salons and wholesalers on USA. One of VIP customers in USA mainly do the hand tied wefts hair. She usually have a bulk order per month and when the last order was shipped, then her new order list will be sent to us. We have been cooperated for 5 years and established a very tacit relationship with each other. All hair tied wefts are made of top quality virgin remy human hair which is more softer and last longer. She has her own color design ,especially the balayage colors which are very attractive and have a good sale on her salon.

Do you also like the hand tied wefts? Any good ideas or comments, welcome to leave yoweomments there.

The Important Care Tips for Hair Extensions in the Summer

Many women like summer season, it’s a good time for them to spend lazy days in the sun, swimming pool and beach, and outing with friends. If you wear the hair extensions, make sure to keep it healthy and beautiful, then they can last longer without tangle. Here are some tips on how to care your hair extensions in summer.

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Avoid exposing hair extensions in the sun

Staying out of the sun is good not only for your hair, but for your scalp and skin!When spending more time in the sun, please wear a sun hat or use sunscreen.

Protect your hair extensions while swimming

Salf water is not good for your hair and will cause damage to the bonds or tapes. So it’s essential to wear a swimming cap when you are going to swim and also dry your hair immediately after swimming.


Brush your hair

In summer, be sure to comb your hair every day to avoid tangles .Please also remember to use special brushes only designed for hair extensions to remove tangles.


Use Hair Conditioner

In summer, strong sunlight, sweat, and chemicals in the swimming pool can make your hair dry easily. Using conditioner after each shampoo to avoiding damaging and tangling on your human hair extensions. Do you have any questions about the hair extensions ? welcome to leave your comments here. Goodyard Hair supply various hair extensions for your choice ,please look through more details on our website :。



Machine weft is a very common hair extensions on the market.It’s a continuous track which can be cut to the required length.Goodyard Hair supply top quality human hair machine wefts since 1984. Do you have the interest how the machine wefts made in our factory? Pleaes read more here.


Step1- Sorting the hair

When we collect the hair from the hair material market,some supplier may mix two braid which are from different donors together, so we need to separate them to make sure each braid solely belongs to one donor.

Step2-Pick out the best bundle

In each ton of hair,We’ll only pick out only 1%-2% good quality hair,which is silky ,smooth to make the superior quality hair extensions. Most of hair is in the medium quality and divided into different hair grade.


Step3-Arranging hair

To be simple,in this step, ensure the head of the hair is even and the hair is smooth by removing short or unqualified hair.

Step4- Sewing weft

Using triple machine techonology to sewn hair wefts and guarantee no sheeding. Two single tracks are then sewn together to form one double wefted track, this double weft leads to durability and longevity of our machine wefts.


We need wash weft then and clean up the dirty.

Step 6 -Drying

We’ll use our professional drying container to make the hair dry safely.

After above ,then we’ll cut into single weft, such as 100g/piece, finally checking the hair wefts extension and then we pack the hair wefts in the package well. Welcom to leave your comments here if you have any inquiry or good ideas.



How to Get Hair Extensions from Goodyard Hair

Goodyard has been a leading professional hair supplier since 1984 in China. Our factory supply high quality human hair extensions to many hair salons and wholesalers on North America, Europe and Australia market. Some of our new customers may ask how to get hair extensions from you, how many days i can receive my hair, how to pay, etc. We would like to share the guides in this post.

1.Send us your inquiry

If you are looking for our website ,you can send us your inquiry by email or whats app. You also can send us your inquiry to our instagram or facebook official account. It depends on what you like.

2.Confirm order details with sales consultant.

Our sales consultant will contact you right away when receive your inquiry . We’ll talk with you to send you our wholesale price according your detailed request and confirm all details if sample order needed ,such as hair extension type ,hair material ,hair color ,delivery time etc. Proforma Invoice will be sent to confirm all these order details. We mainly supply the hair wefts, clip in hair extensions,tape in hair and prebonded hair extension etc.


3.Payment terms.

100% payment is prior to processing production. We accept the payment Paypal, Bank wire, Western Union…

4.Delivery time

Usually it takes about 2-3weeks to finish sample order and bulk order usually takes about 4-5weeks. It also depends on your order details. After we finsh ,then will Ship by Fedex/DHL/UPS express, which only take 5-7 days to your door.

5.Shipment tracking number will be offered as soon as possible.

Which type of hair extensions would you like to get from Goodyard Hair? Welcome to send us your inquiry to .



Popular Three Types of Human Hair for Hair Extensions

One of frequently questions asked by our customers who inquiry the hair extensions is, what’s type of hair quality do you have. As we all know, the hair material is an important factor affecting the hair quality of hair extension. Here we would like to share the popular three types of human hair at Goodyard Hair. 


95% of hair material used for our hair extensions near me is 100% human hair without any synthetic or animal hair mixed, only few customers need the synthetic hair with very cheaper price. Different customers require different human hair for their market. Our Three types of human hair from top to regular are pure virgin remy hair, virgin remy hair and remy hair.

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All of the hair are donated from young girls’ braids which are never processed or colored in any way, making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. They are the best materials to create the light blond colors and balayage colors. They are also good choice for high-end market. The lifespan is usually one year under proper care.

Human hair are collected from donor’s braids. Most of the hair are virgin hair, never be permed or colored, and the cuticle is kept in the same direction, so the hair is silky and smooth. The hair usually last about 6-12month depending on customers’ daily use and caring.

Human hair collected from natural shedding and brushes are processed
in an acid wash to remove the cuticle. Without the protective layer, the hair is easy to become dry and matted than other type of hair.

Which type of hair material do you need for your hair extension? Any questions ,please leave your comments or look through our website to check more extension types .

Hand tied Weft VS. Machine Wefts

     Hair wefts, which are also called as hair weaves, are one of the quicker methods of hair extension application to make your hair longer, healthier and more lustrous.

     There are two types of wefts: Machine-Wefts and Hand-tied wefts. What’s the difference between hand tied wefts and machine made wefts? Let’s learn more about these.


Machine wefts are sewn together using a sewing machine. YouTube Video to watch how to make machine wefts:

-Good points:

  1. Steady. Machine made wefts are tried and true, it’s been used for a LONG time.

  2. You CAN cut these wefts where you want, so you want end it wherever you need to end.

-Weak points: Bulky, not such thin and comfortable like the hand tied wefts.

Hand-tied wefts are tufts of hair sewn or tied together meticulously by hand using a strong piece of weaving thread, making the weft portion of the hair much thinner than Machine made Wefts.

-Good points:

  1. Comfort. Because of the thinner and soft hand tied wefts.

  2. Natural. Flat, flexible and closer to the clients scalp, means more natural look!

-Weak points: You CAN NOT cut these wefts anymore, If the weft is cut…it will unravel. Normal come in 5 bundles each 100g pack, width 25cm and 20g each bundle.


     Hand tied hair weft is one of the most popular products on the high-end market, creates a strong thin weft when compared to the machine made wefts, once you start using our hand tied wefts extensions, volume and quality will be offered at Goodyard hair extensions:


How to Make The Pastel Hair

We love the pastel hair shade trend that keeps growing and growing. Whether this is a bold, all over look, or a dip dyed take on the Renbow Crazy Colour trend – we can’t get enough. In many tutorials, for this look, we see the pastel shade crazy colour being used…but we have a little trick that makes your dye go much further, gives the same pastel shade and adds that extra nourishment your hair needs after being bleached in preparation for its pastel hues and is perfect for dyeing your hair extensions! So, shall we get started…

What you will need:

Mixing Bowl

Dye Application Brush

Moisturising Conditioner (Needs to be white!)

Crazy Colour of your choice

90’s Blonde Hair Extensions

Step One

To start this technique you will first need to create your custom pastel dye colour! Into your mixing bowl add some of your conditioner, the amount will depend on how many wefts and how much of the weft you are dyeing. Now into this you need to add your Crazy Colour, if you are going for a candy pink you need to use the brightest pink shade. We used Pinkissimo crazy colour to make pastel pink, Hot Purple Crazy Colour to make lavender pastel, Orange Crazy Colour to make peachy pastel and Peacock Blue Crazy Colour to make the minty teal pastel blue colour.

Step Two

Add just one drop of your Crazy Colour first and mix this into the conditioner…the idea is to dilute the bright shade using the conditioner. Add your drops one at a time as you can always add another drop but you can’t take this out! Your aiming to create the pastel shade you want to dye your hair in the bowl. Once you have your shade you need to plaster the conditioning dye all over your hair or hair extensions…make sure the hair is fully saturated. As the shades are diluted you will need to leave conditioning dye on for a number of hours, even overnight if you can : ) Rinse the dye from your hair extensions the next morning…and TADA.. beautiful pastel hair colours.

The results are simply amazing…Gorgeously soft hair and the most amazing candy pastel shades we have seen! Just be sure to complete a strand test first to see if you like the effect.. this way you won’t need to commit to the new pastel shade and can make sure it’s right for you.

What do you think of our conditioning technique? Have you tried this before or have we inspired you to try this out?

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