We love the pastel hair shade trend that keeps growing and growing. Whether this is a bold, all over look, or a dip dyed take on the Renbow Crazy Colour trend – we can’t get enough. In many tutorials, for this look, we see the pastel shade crazy colour being used…but we have a little trick that makes your dye go much further, gives the same pastel shade and adds that extra nourishment your hair needs after being bleached in preparation for its pastel hues and is perfect for dyeing your hair extensions! So, shall we get started…

What you will need:

Mixing Bowl

Dye Application Brush

Moisturising Conditioner (Needs to be white!)

Crazy Colour of your choice

90’s Blonde Hair Extensions

Step One

To start this technique you will first need to create your custom pastel dye colour! Into your mixing bowl add some of your conditioner, the amount will depend on how many wefts and how much of the weft you are dyeing. Now into this you need to add your Crazy Colour, if you are going for a candy pink you need to use the brightest pink shade. We used Pinkissimo crazy colour to make pastel pink, Hot Purple Crazy Colour to make lavender pastel, Orange Crazy Colour to make peachy pastel and Peacock Blue Crazy Colour to make the minty teal pastel blue colour.

Step Two

Add just one drop of your Crazy Colour first and mix this into the conditioner…the idea is to dilute the bright shade using the conditioner. Add your drops one at a time as you can always add another drop but you can’t take this out! Your aiming to create the pastel shade you want to dye your hair in the bowl. Once you have your shade you need to plaster the conditioning dye all over your hair or hair extensions…make sure the hair is fully saturated. As the shades are diluted you will need to leave conditioning dye on for a number of hours, even overnight if you can : ) Rinse the dye from your hair extensions the next morning…and TADA.. beautiful pastel hair colours.

The results are simply amazing…Gorgeously soft hair and the most amazing candy pastel shades we have seen! Just be sure to complete a strand test first to see if you like the effect.. this way you won’t need to commit to the new pastel shade and can make sure it’s right for you.

What do you think of our conditioning technique? Have you tried this before or have we inspired you to try this out?