Colorful clip in hair extension is a popular and fashionable element at present. Jolin\Miriam\Katy Perry and many other surperstars like colorful clip in hair. For decorating their hairstyle, most girls who like colorful clip in hair extensions always buy it without any hesitation. But there is one question, how to wear it and make it coalesce with natural hair perfectly? Follow us, we will teach you now!


As colorful clip in hair extension is false hair, so we need to be more careful to wear it, mix it together with real hair and looks natural. No body will know it until you tell them. Look at the picture bellow, it looks very nice.


If you are shopaholic, you will found that colorful clip in hair is very hot, no dyed or perm, just need one pieces of clip in hair extension, you can get a big change in your hairstyle, amazing! Actually, it is easier to wear it than your image, you just need to put the clip on your own hair. They look like the highlight style, no matter free rein on your shoulder or tress, impressive!


Pictures show clip in hair extension with different colors, most of these extension dyed in exaggerated and fantasy color, looks very energetic. This year, these exaggerated color are most popular and fashionable. So choose them, you are a star!!


Choosing your favorite color and put clip on your own hair. Of course, you can choose different color and wear them together. There’s just one thing you need to do is hiding the chromatic clip in hair extension in your real hair to make it looks natural.


At last, if the hair extension is longer than real hair, don’t worry, just cutting them, it’s ok.