Can you feel that Christmas Holiday is coming ?

And what is the best way to celebrate sun and fun than to celebrate with your lashes ?


The perfect way to add a pop of color to your eye look without wearing any eyeliner or eye shadows is with Ombré false eyelashes. These are beautifully created with a gradient effect of color on the ends of the lashes.

Ombre lashes made from silk fibre with coloured tips ,that have been pre-dyed at the ends .They are fully coming to life when in the sun and are just perfect for holidays,festivals and summer parties .Many different colors for you to create fun and festive look!




How to Create Ombre Eyelashes By yourself

If you want to create ombre eyelashes by yourself .It’s also quite easy .

You will need a lash comb and your favorite bright color gel eyeliner. You can probably find a colored mascara but chances are the product will have a hard time coating the black synthetic lash hair. Gel eyeliner are more thicker in texture and have a great opacity for the color to appear strong.


You will need 2 different shades of gel eyeliner, one has to be bright and other more darker.

Start by combing your eyelashes with a clean brush to separate the strands, you want to do this while you have already applied your false eyelashes to your eyes.


Coat the mascara wand with your bright color gel eyeliner, start with the lightest shade and allow the product to dry. The trick is to color the eyelashes from the roots outwards, vertically. You should use lighter colors or tones at the inner corners and darker ones towards the outside to make your eyes look bigger.


Once it’s dried, take the deeper shade and slightly overlap the first color but not too much until you reach the outer corners of your eyes, and your ombre eyelashes are ready!