Ombre Lace Front Wig


Happy New Year!! Greeting from Goodyard!

2016 has been a successful End. The Fashion People who has been active in the fashion front and the rookie who has been quietly concerned about the latest popular fashion are not unfamiliar with 2016 fashion hairstyles. As a rookie in hair products, Sami want to share the colorful hair which occupy a half of my 2016 with you ——The Ombre Lace Front Wig.

Before engaging in this job, the fashion rookie Sami always marvel at the light colorful hairstyle Passers-A, B, C, when walking in the street, sigh for their courage and also want to have a try. But after heard the complicated process,of course, I say: No.

At the March of 2016, I resigned the old job, and resolutely chosen to fashion products. (All the girls Love Beauty! )  The first surprise from Goodyard family is: I can simply become to the colorful hairstyle Passers-D! This is the first face of Sami and the ombre lace front wig.

I’m so happy about the resources from Goodyard hair company which have more than 30 years’ experience and Great R & D team.  Of course, the resources from Sami will be shared as below!

A little Wig Show:




  1. This is a ombre lace front wig has the purple basic color, and the integration of a variety of other colors. She can not only keep you young and beautiful, but also can make you sexy!





2.It is said that this pink brought a warm to the winter of 2016. The first time I sawthis wig, my heart became warmer. It really a warm winter ah








3.The 1B Grey is still the hot popular color in 2016! Long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair ……… In my mind, it is already the basic item must be stocked at home now!




Although only three wigs are introduced this time, but a big wave of the ombre lace front wig is coming in 2017!

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