Part One_

Currently in Juancheng, Shandong, China,hair products industry has become one of the pillar industries. However, with the gradual loss of labor cost advantage, claiming to be China’s largest hair processing villages, Juancheng is at the crossroads of industrial restructuring.



Part Two_

“Don’t underestimate the hair cut, in our eyes it is the” black gold “, said by Yang Zhouin -operating a hair products workshop in Juancheng,” a period of more than one meter is calculated according to the price of original braids, and gold grams.” Yang believes that it is not difficult to join the hair products industry, as long as there are raw materials and funds, you can start business. Here the hair industry development is relatively mature, almost every family is in human hair processing. Walking in the street, casually walked into a house, the house may be the processing of hair products workshop.





” Maybe they are not the most beautiful, but they try to be.”





Part Three_

China is not only the world’s distribution center for the distribution of hair products, but also the world’s largest hair products production base and export power, the industry has a population of about 4 million people.

Today, the people of Shandong hair processing formed a relatively complete system, through the collection of raw materials, cleaning and disinfection, sewing, dyeing and other production processes, to export around the world.

A factory warehouse, filled with the acquisition of the manufacturer’s hair, these bundles of hair after the initial processing of small family workshops.


Part Four_

A factory in Juancheng, the removal of impurities in the human hair after disinfection, according to customer demand will be infected with different colors. The picture shows Wei Qiang in the commissioning of dyeing results.



Part Five_

After dyeing , workers take hair out from the cylinder.



Part Six_

After dyeing , human hair will remain drugs , It needs to be cleaned three times before entering the drying zone. Factories The factory usually uses hot steam to heat the water.



Part Seven_

“Pull” process. At the end of the preliminary processed hair is neat, the iron row repeatedly on carding comb, mixed with natural amplitude and standard length. “Color” is also through this process, as it is usually dark brown wig is composed of two different shades of hair and wig, made out of this color is more natural..



Part Eight_

A worker in the use of three machine to prepare hair. The machine generally has three head and a glue box, quantitative hair passes formed a hair curtain, and finally through the fixed wheel.



Part Nine_

Hair weft is usually long, in order to avoid the effects of a shaping operation, a worker cut it according to the length of a tube type.

图片9 图片10


Part Ten_

Each wig has weight regulations, workers in accordance with the instructions on the wig design, measure a specified weight and use a rubber band to tie up hair.



Part Eleven_

Process of a bundle of hair curls can help make different types of wefts.



Part Twelve_

Short hair also need to go through a cutting process, and then be taken to ironing.



Part Thirteen_

Hair wefts need to go through a soaking process. Workers will put them into mixture liquid water for 15 minutes, so that wefts can absorb nutrients, and then wrapped around them on the roll bar.



Part Fourteen_

A worker is fixing the hair. Workers will put hairs into an oven, adjust the appropriate temperature to finalize the design. Different curly hair need different setting time , usually 60-80 minutes.



Part Sixteen_

The last step of wig production. Add hang tags, place special paper, to prevent deformation of the product.

图片16 图片17


Part Seventeen_

Hair production from local factories.

图片18 图片19



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