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7 WAYS TO GET YOUR CLIENTS COMING BACK(eyelashes extensions)


Building and maintaining a successful lash business is no easy feat. Finding new clients is one thing, but turning them into repeat customers is a whole different strategy. Read on for our seven favorite tips to keeping your lash clients!


Reschedule at Each Appointment

Pinning down a fill or follow-up appointment in person is key. So often, clients forget to schedule over the phone or online and then end up falling through the cracks. Be as visual as possible when doing this and show your clients your calendar and let them choose the date.


Follow Up

If there’s a client you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile, reach out to them! Sometimes the lack of a follow up appointment are purely because the client forgot or became too busy to contact you. If there’s a reason for them not returning, listen! Which leads us too…


Listen to Feedback

Whether it be good or bad, listen to your feedback. For the things you get praised on, keep up the good work! But, it’s vital to pay attention to negative feedback. It may sting, but turn the negative feedback into positive action. Constantly improving your technique and business practices will keep your clients coming back for more.


Make Clients Feel Important

Treat every client with respect and kindness while still giving each person a unique experience. Whether it’s remembering their favorite Pandora station to play during the appointment or remembering details about their life, they’ll notice the effort and keep coming back for more. You can even create some awesome friendships through lashing!


Give Loyalty Perks

Give your clients a reason to keep coming back through loyalty perks. You can decide which works best for your clientele and business, but things like a punch card, a free fill after every 10, etc. are great ways to show your clients you appreciate your business. It also gives them incentive to stay loyal with one lash artist-YOU!


Be Transparent

Let your clients know the state of their eyelashes, how to care for their lashes, etc. If a client wants a very dramatic look but their natural lashes can’t handle the weight, let them know! Being honest and working through problems together will create a good artist-client relationship. The healthier their lashes look and feel, the happier the client will be!


Be the Best, Use the Best

Never stop learning and improving your skills. Your clients will notice your effort and determination and come back for more. Also, make sure you are only using the highest quality materials so your clients have the prettiest lashes possible!



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The Top 4 Reasons your Lash Extension Sets Aren’t as FULL as You’d Like!

Every lash technician has the same goal – to provide the fullest lash extensions possible for each client. We all crave to provide that “wow” factor whether classic or volume lashing. If your sets aren’t making you swoon check these tips out to make sure you aren’t making any of these common mistakes!


  1. Improper Isolation

New Lash Artists always have one main struggle – and it’s usually about how to wrangle one tiny, itty-bitty natural lash between their tweezer tips to isolate it. We know it seems impossible sometimes but don’t cut corners! You may not think it’s a big deal if an extension gets applied to two natural lashes but its a HUGE deal! First of all, it cuts the potential for fullness in HALF! Think about it! If a client has 100 natural lashes per eye, and you apply the majority of extensions to two natural lashes, your potential goes from 100 extensions per eye to 50! Secondly, you WILL cause lash damage – ouch! Natural lashes aren’t all growing at the same rate. If you adhere multiple natural lashes together with lash adhesive, the natural lash growing slower will be pulled (and stressed) by the lash growing faster. This leads to stress, breakage and thinning of the lash line and breaks the cardinal rule of lash extensions: THOU SHALT NOT CAUSE DAMAGE!


  1. Not Extending Every Lash

A beautiful lash line has a large variety of different lashes mixed within it depending where each natural lash is in it’s growth cycle. Some lashes are just growing in, some are mid-growth and some are full mature lashes. Some lash companies teach to skip the smaller lashes – but that’s because back in the day we only had 0.15 and 0.20 diameters in our lash extension ranges! Now with diameters as thin as 0.05 there is NO reason why we can’t extend each and every natural lash with an extension. Shorter natural lashes get shorter, thinner extensions to keep them happy and healthy, while mature strong natural lashes get extended with length and more thickness. The result is fluffy, texturized lashes that look realistic and full!


  1. Coating Natural Lashes in Adhesive

A little lash adhesive goes a LONG way! Gone are the days of “painting” the entire natural lash in adhesive. Its unnecessary and stressful on the fragile tips of the natural lashes. To secure a lash extension to a natural lash dip 2mm of the extension base into the adhesive and apply securely to the base of the natural lash. The result? Instead of REPLACING thin natural lashes with a thicker extension by coating the entire natural lash into the bond and losing it — we ADD an extension to each natural lash which instantly DOUBLES the fullness in the lash line. The final result is fuller, softer lashes that are healthier, softer, and last longer!


  1. Too much length

Inevitably, the more you extend the natural lashes in length, the more spaced out the tips of the lash extensions will be. By keeping lash extensions only 2-3mm longer than the natural lash, they will look denser and more full opposed to super long sparse lashes. No one wants spider legs on their eyes, lashers! Tone it down for a classier look! And if you’re going to give them more length, add more texture within the lash line for multiple focus points (a method we teach in our upcoming ONLINE classes called Texturization which teaches a formula for perfectly full fluffy texture no matter how long the lash extensions!).


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Ombre Eyelash –You Deserve for Christmas Holiday

Can you feel that Christmas Holiday is coming ?

And what is the best way to celebrate sun and fun than to celebrate with your lashes ?


The perfect way to add a pop of color to your eye look without wearing any eyeliner or eye shadows is with Ombré false eyelashes. These are beautifully created with a gradient effect of color on the ends of the lashes.

Ombre lashes made from silk fibre with coloured tips ,that have been pre-dyed at the ends .They are fully coming to life when in the sun and are just perfect for holidays,festivals and summer parties .Many different colors for you to create fun and festive look!




How to Create Ombre Eyelashes By yourself

If you want to create ombre eyelashes by yourself .It’s also quite easy .

You will need a lash comb and your favorite bright color gel eyeliner. You can probably find a colored mascara but chances are the product will have a hard time coating the black synthetic lash hair. Gel eyeliner are more thicker in texture and have a great opacity for the color to appear strong.


You will need 2 different shades of gel eyeliner, one has to be bright and other more darker.

Start by combing your eyelashes with a clean brush to separate the strands, you want to do this while you have already applied your false eyelashes to your eyes.


Coat the mascara wand with your bright color gel eyeliner, start with the lightest shade and allow the product to dry. The trick is to color the eyelashes from the roots outwards, vertically. You should use lighter colors or tones at the inner corners and darker ones towards the outside to make your eyes look bigger.


Once it’s dried, take the deeper shade and slightly overlap the first color but not too much until you reach the outer corners of your eyes, and your ombre eyelashes are ready!


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