Magnetic False Lashes is a premium product, which means we never cut corners on materials and production. To ensure optimal quality, Magnetic False Lashes are hand-crafted with the highest-quality synthetic fibers. Women all around the world  love it, because it gives you gorgeous lashes in seconds.

When you wear high-waisted shorts, you accept that wedgies are going to happen. And when you wear fake eyelashes, you accept the reality of plucking dried glue off your lids. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Now you can  use magnets instead of glue.

Before I tried them, I assumed I understood how they’d work. But then my brain got to the fact that we aren’t made of metal, and I couldn’t figure out how magnets might stick to eyelashes. Turns out they don’t, at least not exactly. For each eye, two half-strips (meant to create a winged look) sandwich around the real lashes and fuse together with their attached magnets. Then you just slide the plates between your fingers to release the connection, and they slip off.

Magnetic False lashes felt like any standard glue-on set and looked impressively subtle—as subtle as false lashes can. The fact that they’re self-adhering meant I didn’t have to wait for the window of perfect stickiness to place them, and there was no tacky mess afterward. They did require some practice to apply.



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