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Perhaps Marilyn Monroe was talking about lash extensions when she said, “Being normal is boring!” After all, our haircuts, outfits and shoes are as unique as the woman who chooses them so, why should our lash extensions be any different? In celebration of our unique styles, we’re dishing out some tips that will help customize your lashes to create a look that’s right for you!


If you’re a regular lash client, then you’ve probably heard your lash artist reference different types of curls such as B, C and L but did you know that you don’t have to choose just one curl? That’s right, your lash artist can create a customized look by using a variety of different curls. With the right combination of two or three curls, your lash artist can create everything from a dramatic cat eye to a natural, lengthening look. The key is in the placement of the extensions. For example, your lash artist can create a dramatic look by using shorter lengths of B curls in your inner eye area in combination with longer lashes to create a bright and uplifting look.


Another key component in choosing your customized lash look is understanding the different styles of curls. Good eyelashes uses a combination of B, C and D curls to create our custom styles in our Professional, Classic, Chic and Cat Eye sets. B curls are elegant curls that add length and definition to your lashes while C curls are bold and glamorous with a beautiful curve that’s noticed from the front of your face. D curls have a well-defined sweep that works best for clients with naturally curly lashes. Wide set eyes benefit from using strong C curls whereas close set eyes look great with lengthening B curls that draw attention outward.


Are you looking for something even more dramatic? Have you heard of volume lashes? but volume lashes are achieved through an advanced technique that goes beyond the traditional one-on-one extension application process. Volume lashes allow lash artists to apply multiple lashes to one natural lash by using lightweight extensions that create incredible volume, length and thickness.


Now that you are armed with lash info, if you have interest in testing Goodyard eyelashes, welcome to visit our website below and send us messages.