Underlights hairstyle leads the fashion trend this year, so many girls are addicted to  one of the underlights hair style, the secret rainbow hair. The hairstyle is made up by different colors, like a rainbow.


“The secret” means that you can find the rainbow only when you ruffle up your hair  or tie the upper layer of your hair up, yet the rainbow is hiding underneath of your hair when you put all of your hair down.

I usually do 4 steps to achieve this style.

  1. Brush my hair first, make sure it’s nice and tangle free, and wear a old T-shirt in case I get dye on my cloth.
  2. Sectioning my hair into two parts: upper layer and the bottom layer. Then, tie up the upper one to a bun.
  3. Divide the rest of your hair (bottom layer) into different strands. Dye the prepared colors to each small sections.

(Little tips here: After I dye my first section, I’ll wrap some foils around to avoid to get the hair tangled up and avoid the color transfer them from one section to another section ).

  1. After put all the colors on my lower layer of the hair. I’ll wait for one hour before I rinse my hair.

After doing all the steps above, Ta-dah! Congrats! You get your beautiful rainbow underlights!


Here are some other ways to achieve your secret rainbow hair.

  • Hair Salon


Pros: you know it xD

Cons:  Way too expensive!!

  • DIY Hair Extensions

Pros:  To avoid harming the real hair.

Cons: Spend money to buy more than 5 different color dyes.



Goodyard hair extensions – can easily make you the rainbow hairstyle.

Custom the colors and lengths you want instead of spending around one hour to DIY to SAVE TIME, and SAVE MONEY from hair salon!