Office, where we come not only for work, but also as a “half home” for us. We eat with the colleagues every day, talk every day including makeup, fashion and hair etc. We can say Office is some kind of place for XOXO. People care about what they wear and how their hair look. So today I am going to teach you several easy-to -take hairstyles. Be the icon in your office!

  1. An Easy Chignon
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This is absolutely no problem if you don’t ask the hair stylist but make it done at home by yourself.Just mid-part the hair and twisting the temple hair secure the same with a rubber band. Rolling up the ponytail and finally pinning it up will get your hairdo ready for work.

2.A fluffy back braid


This messed up hair is pushing all of your courage and love to flaunt style away.Plus, braids last longer than any other hairstyles.

  1. A ponytail


A ponytail is always the easiest but the all-matched with the different clothing and events.So every time if you are not sure for the hairstyle, take a easy ponytail.