How to choose the best Eyelashes?  Talk about eyelashes production.

1.According to the production processes, false eyelashes can be divided into: Machine eyelashes / handmade eyelashes
2.A lot of foreign eyelash partners made OEM in China. Some of them did not need brand design and just ship to their country and finish the finial package. So choose the best eyelashes is very important .

3.The election does not necessarily look at the brand eyelashes, mainly to see the style and workmanship.
The quality of export products is high, including the similarity of each pair, the fineness of each eyelash, whether through the country’s quarantine standards, such as health standards.

4.For eyelash materials, Goodyard has : domestic fiber and imported fiber, remy hair, feathers, paper, plastic, cloth and so on,

Most popular Eyelashes can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1 stalk type plastic transparent stem, usually said, the eyelash is a tie: the material and we usually use the line almost, is wearing transparent flawless, suitable type; disadvantage is nude make-up, the relatively resilient elastic force, eyelash glue need super sticky. Not bad words glue or sticky eyelashes method easy to fall off; not easy to wear with eyes uncomfortable, especially at best is cut to their eyelashes slightly shorter than or cut segment wear, wide application.


2.Silicone transparent stem. The stem is soft, both stylish and easy to wear, the eyelash is stuck up, mounted on the inside. Not as transparent plastic stem as hard; disadvantage is relatively thick(but some girls like them) .


3.Cotton Stem. The most common, is similar to the cotton stalk cotton sewing thread usually used, eyelashes are a tied up. The advantage is to wear comfortable and light, the disadvantage is that there is a need to draw the eye liner, and because the soft wear is not obedient, this technology is widely used.


4.Black cotton seam. Its characteristic is more cotton, but the eyelash is a root with the relevant materials and the process of eyelash. This paragraph is really water mink eyelash, a sharp, so this kind of technology. Good is comfortable and stylish, but a little thick; this process is common in high-grade eyelashes.


5.This is the black plastic stem: plastic, eyelash is a pressing glue. the hair is also a plastic material, mixed into one, the eyelashes are not easy to deform, black thick, but hard to keep your eyes open.


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