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Ombre African American Lace Front Wig

Ombre African American Lace Front Wig

Hello Everyone. This is Sami from Goodyard. It is the time once month to show Goodyard Wig with you!

Last month, The Colorful lace front wigs are shared with everyone. If you have found the ombre lace front wig belong you? If did not, please don’t worry! The show of this month is also Ombre Lace Front Wig!

But this time, Sami want to share a Wild and Sexy Wig—African American Wig!

As we know, the African American wig is created from African American hair. The hair style is very suitable for the black skin. Sami want to black my skin now!

After further research and development by hairdressers, more and more colors and hairstyles are introduced into the market.


Goodyard resources from Sami shared as below! A little Wig Show:

In recent years, the hot popular ombre color is #1B to Grey! As I have recommended, this color wig can be stocked as the basic item! When this popular color encounter African American curly, no impact of their charm:




  1. When it comes to the basic ombre color of African American curly, undoubtedly it is the black tobrown! Goodyard can provide you with the color ratio according to your requirements, Just for you.


  1. Although this hair style very suitable for black skin, but many other people also want to have a try, as long as the change of the color, it can be achieved.


The three wigs above are Goodyard basic items. If you want to have your own custom wig, please feel free to contact us! Over 400 colors, you can find the most suitable one for you:



Lace Front Wigs from Goodyardhair


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