We here at Goodyardhair have heard many terrible stories from our friends and clients during the past few years regarding hair extension issues such as tangling, dry and shedding. However, if people took good care of their hair extensions, these issues are unlikely to occur, or, at least the lifetime of the extensions would last longer. I would like to share some of my hair care tips with you in a hope they help you to save your hair extensions.

Daily care is very important. That is the benchmark to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous. Try to get a soft comb and carefully brush your hair extensions every morning you get up. That way you can keep your hair free from tangles and matting from the beginning of your day. However, you have to do it in a gentle way. It would also be beneficial if you could tie up your hair extensions every night before bedtime, this method avoids tangling during sleep.

Another essential tip is a washing method. It is advisable to wash your hair extensions every ten wears. Washing the hair massaging it from the roots and descending softly towards the tips using a salon recommended hydrating shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. After washing, you have to thoroughly rinse the hair with clean water and pat dry with a towel or dry hang the extensions up naturally. While brushing, hold the hairpieces at a vertical angle and brush the hair from the tips to the roots.


With these care tips; your hair extensions will maintain a good condition for a long time. So what are you waiting for?