People lose around 100 hairs each day. That’s not a problem because this is a normal circulating process, but, if someone gets bald patches, then it’s a problem. There are millions of people suffering from hair loss. Before, generally hair loss usually happens to much older people. However, in todays society more and more young people are having to face these issues.


There are many causes for hair loss. Some would recover without doing anything and some will never have hair growth again, even after going to see a dermatologist, but luckily, most hair loss issues can be treated.


The followings matters may cause hair loss:


There’s no doubt that hereditary hair loss is very hard to get treated. This might trouble the whole family at some point in their life. People have the gene from their parents and their children might get same gene from them. So this is the most common cause of hair loss.

Endocrine Disorders

People might get hair loss problems during birth, menopause or when under stress. This is caused by hormonal disorders. It is a temporary problem. The hair will likely re-grow over the following months when endocrine levels return to normal.


It might be a sign of disease when people begin losing their hair. High fever, severe infection, surgery or even an accident may be typical reasons that cause hair loss. Cancer patients start getting hair loss while beginning chemotherapy treatment.


To those people who have no chance to help their hair grow, wigs are the best choice to keep your beauty and help you to restore confidence.