Nowadays, the thinnest ultra flat wefts become very popular all around the world especially for European market, but it’s a much debated topic in some salons to choose the two types of wefts—flat weft or machine weft. There are advantages and disadvantages on both, better understanding will help you to decide what is best.

Machine Weft

Machine wefts are made by machine, normal each bundle is 100g with width ranging from 50”-80” for different hair length.

machine weft

  1. a. The most common extension could be found in most hair supply stores.
  2. Much easier to install for some beginners, as the biggest benefit is that you’re able to cut them into different size without any shedding.
  3. The cost is less expensive.


  1. Not natural as hand-tied due to thicker weft part.
  2. Less light and comfortable to wear because of double weft.
  3. 1.5-2 inch short hair at the top

Flat Weft

Flat wefts are made by hand, normally each set includes 2 pieces and the width of each is about 75cm.flat-weft

  1. Create the thinnest hair weft, only 1mm thickness, super thin with strong silk holding to get rid of bulkiness.
  2. The standard width of skin sealed is about 10mm, it’s very strong and flexible.
  3. Upgraded technology bring you comfortable wearing, no any irritation or discomfort.
  4. No short return hair on the top, more natural and undetectable looking.
  5. Silk attached on the top of the weft to make sure security using.
  6. Easy to apply with clips, micro rings, tapes or by sewing, depend on your own choice,


More expensive than machine weft

No doubt that machine wefts are the most popular because they’re easy to wear. If you’re a skilled stylist and good at working with flat wefts, new method will bring you perfect looking, why not choose it, you won’t be disappointed!

Goodyard Hair are using high quality Pure Virgin Human Hair to make flat wefts, all hair material collected from some young girls with full cuticle in the same direction, very soft and silky, could last to 12 months with proper treatment. We suggest you to use high quality shampoo & conditioner in order to maintain the quality of their hair and prevent moisture loss.

Goodyard Hair is committed to providing the best quality hair extensions to hair salons and wholesalers. If you are looking for a new hair extension supplier, welcome to visit our website: