“Fashion on the head” – Hair Weft

Secret: the original of their braids are wefts!

Often see Africans, our eyes are always attracted by their braids, whether you have the same as my “hairstyle art” full of curiosity? In fact, the African people’s hair is not what we think so “more and more dense”, due to geographical environment, physical and other factors, their hair is not only grow very slowly, a little longer to start playing volume, hair is fine weak. Usually really hair is only one or two centimeters long, furry, grow to a certain length, to automatically fall off the re-growth, simply stay long. In Africa, because they do not wear hair products or even difficult to distinguish between sex, so Africans love to wear wefts, we see that very artistic temperament of the braids are wefts and really wrapped together, and those modeling the Different hair, almost all wefts, need to go to a professional barber shop care. wefts in Africa can be called “just need”, and African men and women as long as the economic conditions, from the juvenile period began to wear hair products, beauty, especially office workers, each with at least three or four wefts.

African women: weft the most fashionable

African women’s hairstyle from the very early start is not just a braid shape, and more and more women began to prefer an elegant long hair, they will this metaphor for the “silk hair style”, but by their own physical conditions Restrictions, this “dream” can only rely on the realization of the weft. With the improvement of living standards, African women more and more hairstyle, different shapes, women generally have several wefts for wear, from the stall to the regular hairdressing shop has a weft sale.


Chase for beauty is the “privilege” of women, and the first female of Africa’s population, Nigeria, is equally fanatical about beauty and fashion. Nigerian wefts perennial hot, some women will be woven into the scalp of the braids. But most women will choose in the original hair on the “then” weft, have more shape and color.

Walk into the capital of Abuja’s Uuse market (Wuse market), you can find a wide range of wefts and salons. In Nigeria, the weft from 1000 naira (about 33 yuan) to 90000 naira (about 3,000 yuan) range, the price is cheap for the plastic or chemical fiber material, because the normal cleaning, the consumer in the use of 30 days Will be bought after the new style. While the expensive wefts are mostly imported from Europe. Although Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa, but the people’s consumption level is still limited, cheap weft has been the darling of the market, and have 3-5 sets of wefts for the Nigerian women is a very normal thing.


Zimbabwean women on the large demand for wefts also gave birth to a huge weft market, almost every barber shop has sold wefts stalls, these wefts from $ 1 to more than ten dollars, mostly from China and South Korea. Although Zimbabwe closed 5,000 companies in 2014, the country’s barber shop is always crowded, and there is always the least worrying source.

As long as the economic capacity, Harare (Zimbabwe capital) women generally every two weeks to a month will change a hairstyle, the child from the age of three or four will be under the leadership of the mother went to the barber shop hair. In Zimbabwe, shawl curls, straight hair and braid shapes are very popular, the barber to put all kinds of wefts and customers really sew together, take at least one hour or more. Adults spend a hair every 20 dollars to 30 dollars or so, which for the ordinary working class is a small sum of money, but the women are still bored, they kept updating their hair, and companions who compared hairstyle More fashionable.

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