Everyone has their own Synthetic Full Lace Wig


The type of full lace wig material can be divided into Real Human Hair and Synthetic fiber. Human hair full lace wig has the advantage of strong sense of reality, but also can be stained. But the price is not easy to finalize stereotypes. The price of Synthetic full lace wig is relatively cheaper, if the choice of imported materials made in appearance, feel color, sag, etc. are not inferior to the real human hair effect.


Good synthetic fiber hair is generally fine hair, handmade more refined, the scalp is more like true, the effect is better ventilation. Good synthetic fiber is specifically for the manufacture of wigs out of the ordinary fiber can not be replaced, high-quality wig materials used to take into account the human hair section, the intensity of gloss, thickness, toughness and elasticity, but also to prevent static electricity. Only to choose this full lace wig wearing a realistic and fashionable.


%e5%9b%be%e7%89%874As I have said that Everyone has their own synthetic full lace wig.

So How to choose the hairstyle of your synthetic full lace wig?


Round face: Select some can cover the cheek in the long hair, make the face as long as possible, while the full face is petite.


Oval face: you can choose some bangs forty-six or thirty-seven minutes, the overall large wavy wig, so smooth lines set off in the ribs, will make the whole face looks vivid and streamlined.



Square face: the face of the lady must be careful, if not pay attention to their blunt face defects exposed, it should try to choose some lower levels on both sides, hair curly hair, make the face look Soft many, make you more gentle and charming.

Diamond face: This face is more suitable, especially the forehead part of the loose, the jaw is also fullness of the hair, so the overall feeling will be very coordinated, as is now popular pear head.




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