5 Tips To Care Curls of African American Wigs


If you begin learning more about human hair, you’ll soon discover that it comes in way more than one texture. Hairs can be from straight to slightly wavy to super tight curls, but many people of African descent find that their natural hair falls somewhere in between. The care and feeding of them is similar among them. Want to care those curls without worrying about a lot of frizz? These 5 curly hair tips are made for anyone seeking well-defined curls.


  1. Shampoo in the shower

This is the best way to cleanse and condition your hair because it keeps your curls pointing downward. Instead of flipping your head over, washing your hair while your head is upside down, and then flipping your head back, simply let the water run down the length of your hair as you stand straight under the shower head.

  1. Keep hair well-moisturized

Not with oils, but with regular cleansing, conditioning and deep conditioning. Curls that are dry and parched simply won’t have the same definition that well-moisturized curls will have.

  1. Apply products while wet

Your hair should be as wet as possible when you begin the styling process. After shampooing and conditioning, do not towel dry. In fact, don’t bring a towel anywhere near your curls.

  1. Divide hair into sections

To ensure full coverage of hair products, you’ll need to section your hair. Depending on thickness, this may be anywhere from two to eight sections. Use plastic clips to hold hair out of the way. It’s usually easier to begin at the back of the head.

  1. Scrunch with care

In many cases, scrunching is for wavy hair that’s trying to become curly. Once you have products in your hair and it’s combed through to your satisfaction, allow it to air-dry as much as possible before you scrunch.

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