Last week, a salon owner asked me “What is the best method of hair extensions available?” She seems to be confused about her business, but I think she was further surprised when I answered the question with a question: It depends, what hair type does the client have and what are you trying to achieve? Eventually, I suggested her to try some tape hair extensions.

Tape hair extensions are hot in the market now. If your clients have thin to medium density hair and want to add length, volume or color, there’s no better method than tape hair extensions.

Tape hair extensions are very comfortable, because the panels are micro thin, flat and soft against the head, not hard round and bulky. Tape hair extensions are also very natural, because the micro thin wefted panels housing the 100% human hair closely assimilates scalp hair pattern and growth. Most people that tried them said they couldn’t feel them and others wouldn’t have known unless they were told. Tape hair extensions are safe because they distribute the extension weight over a greater area displacing the weight evenly.

For stylists, the method is easy to learn, it requires no tools, the application, removal and reapplication are straight forward, and it’s fast to apply, an hour or less for a full head.

So what do you think of tape hair extensions now? Do your research and uncover if your clients need it.