Are you doing the same job every day?

Are you feeling boring with your daily office life?

Are you displaying the same style to your colleagues every day?

Let’s wear our hair up to light up our boring life

It just takes 5 mins every morning for you to show the office a brand new you!!!

Monday – Donut bun and braided style

A large bun with a braid gives this bun a perfect shape.

Wearing it on the low of the head or on the top, both make you look youthful and full of energy.

You can also do a lace braid around the base of your bun.

Tuesday Scarf Bun

Choose a colorful scarf to make your life colorful!!

The pattern of the scarf also gives the style a totally different look!

Be sure to choose a scarf that is slightly longer than your hair in order to see the scarf at the end of the braid.

Wednesday – Dutch braided bun hairstyle

First ensure your hair is long enough to make a braided hairstyle.

If you hair is very long, you can turn your braid into an oval shape at the back of your head.

You should add in the hair underneath to the middle section rather than bringing the hair over.

Thursday- Lace braided bun

A lace braid is like a French braid, but you only add in hair from one side.

Curving the braid around the back of your head

Wrap the end of the braid around the bun.

Friday- Half Up Bun Hairstyle

This is a very simple style and easy to make.

Wearing your hair out and making sure your hair is away from your face

Twist half of your hair up into the bun at the back of your head!

Saturday Triple Twisted Buns

So beautiful and yet so cute!!

Make three ponytails before twisting your hair into buns for added hold.

Easy, Simple and Quick to make.

Roll them up and pin with clips.

Sunday Triple plait Buns

Make three single braid ponytails with clear elastics.

Pull the middle braid into a bun first and fix with pins.

Twist the other two braids into buns and secure.