Hair extension weft is the most common extension weft in the market at present, it’s very easy to apply and can be cut freely according to customer’s head. With over 30 years experience, Goodyard Hair is devoted to supplying high quality hair extension weft, especially for hair extension salon and hair extension specialist. Why Goodyard Hair has confidence to provide high-end hair extension weft to the market? Check the following advantages of using Goodyard Hair extension!

Pure Virgin Remy Hair

Goodyard Hair choose the best luxury 100% human remy hair quality, all of the hair are donated from young girl’s braids which are never processed or colored in any way, making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. They are the best materials to create the light blonde colors and balayage colors. If you are a professional hair extension specialist and want to supply the best remy hairs for your customer, Pure virgin remy hair will be your best choice! Lifespan can last more than 12 months with good care. Also can be re-dyed and permed several times.


Exclusive Color System

Basic Color Hair——Only bleached without chemical process

  • Available to be extended to any colors as per your clients demands, eg. Balayage, highlight, platinum blond etc.
  •  More flexible color match & applications

Most of hair extension tape in or weft hair extension are basic color like natural black, #2, #4, #6 and these are all suitable for most of natural hair colors. That’s why Goodyard Hair provides the basic color for your basic choice. You can apply it directly or redye it to any colors you want.

Custom Color Hair——Industrial chemical coloring process

● Exact color match
● Better color fixation

Some hair extension specialists don’t want to redye hair extension or some distributors like providing balayage color hair extension to their clients, Goodyard Hair also provides private custom color for your special choice!


Competitive Price

As there is a big competition in hair industry, Goodyard Hair choose best quality raw hair material while still controlling the price in a reasonable price range. We deeply understand customers’ needs in both hair quality and price, therefore we have our own price system for different customer’s market and have special offer to hair extension salon and hair extension wholesaler who has large quantity purchase. So customers has no need to worry about cost as price can be negotiated according to different request.

Now for hair extension weft, Goodyard Hair has huge stock of different length and different colors, which can be sent within 3 days after getting payment. If you are a hair extension specialist and don’t want to wait too long, order at Goodyard Hair and get your hair right away! If you have further questions about hair extensions or any other questions about Goodyard Hair company, please feel free to contact us! We are always online for your inquiry!

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