Have you ever considered why we first began applying hair extensions to our hair? What makes them so popular?

Actually, this glamorous and desirable form of hair styling has been popular since the Egyptian period.  Not only were hair extensions popular, they also used to hold jewels in order to decorate the individuals wearing them. However, the look of hair extensions alone was not the only reason for their use.  In fact, they were used much to ward of head lice.

At present, hair extensions have continued to grow increasing popularity from the regular girl next door to the glamour of the stars. Such as the likes of Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama.

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Hair extensions have become a must have “dress” for both females and males in various different occasions and our daily life, in particular, social occasions, i.e. parties, festivals, ceremonies and interviews.

Hair extensionservices are mostly popular in Europe and America. You can get your hair extensions fitted in many local hair salons. Increasing popularity of hair extensions is no accident. Girls getting hair extensions will tell you how the brand new look makes leaves them feeling confident and self-assured. In fact, hair extensions have so many other benefits too.

Firstly, you can become as changeable in look as the stars and celebrities themselves. You can wear a ponytail one day and wear a fringe on another day. Every day you can reinvent and surprise both yourself and those around you. The various hairstyles might also help cater for your needs while attending different events.

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In addition, hair extensions can help ‘perfect’ your own unsatisfactory feelings towards your own hair. For example, your hair may have split ends. Yet hair extensions will cover the split hair ends and blend seamlessly with your own natural hair. Or you might regret having your hair cut too short. If this is the case, your hair extensions can be part of the remedy. In hair salons, you can extend your hair to the length you want in just a few hours. Besides, hair extension increases the hair volume, making your hair seem thicker and shinier than they really are.

Also, you can have any hair color you want just by getting hair extensions. The new technology has made the hair extensions virtually invisible.  The variety of colors available for individuals allows the hair extensions to look more like your natural hair. You can even get rainbow-colored human hair extensions if that’s what your into. This way, you don’t have to apply coloring to your own hair. However, we advise you not to buy synthetic hair extensions as coloring them will cause them damage.

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Finally, hair extensions give you numerous possibilities of endless different hairstyles. In terms of hair lengths, you can get short hair extensions, medium or even long ones. With regards to attaching methods, you can get Keratin tip, clip-ins, ladies wigs, sewn-in hair extensions and many more. Using different hair extension tools, you can have your hair extensions curled, straightened or weaved. All In All, you can get whatever style you want and it takes much less time than having your own hair styled.

In one word, hair extensions could help you beyond your imagination .Yet the quality of the hair extensions you choose are extremely important. If you can afford it, we recommend Remy hair extensions as the best choice for your hair.

Lets hope this article has helped you readers to understand why hair extensions are currently so popular.