All of GOODYARD HAIR raw materials are collected from Single donor’s virgin braid, which never be permed, bleached, colored or chemically processed in any way.

With GOODYARD unique technology, the hair is very gently oxidation processed to make sure acid free and silicon free. The cuticle remains intact and runs in the same direction, which will make sure the nutrition and water can be well locked in the hair without any tangling.


With a deep research on the market, GOODYARD have created 5 basic colors such as Natural color / #6 / #12 / #27 / #60. All of the colors are only with oxidation treatment, no chemical process.

The hair is very natural, healthy, resilient and can be dyed into very pure color, you just need to treat it like your own natural hair, like curling or re coloring it etc.

#Natural colors can be re dyed to any colors no matter jet black or pure blond.

#6 / #12 / #27 / #60 can be re dyed to any colors which is darker than this basic ones or similar lighter ones, even do ombre tones as per client’s request.

Obviously, peoples natural hair are various, DIY colors can meet everyone’s demand and make the hair natural looking with healthy and long using life. The hair can last up to 2 years, and it is popular in the luxury top end market.

GOODYARD strongly recommend this quality hair to you if you own a salon or you are stylists.