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Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standard and pursuit of beauty, the demand of hair products is increasing day and day. Everybody wants to get the best quality hair with the perfect hair styles to make up themselves more sunny more attractive

GOODYARD HAIR has got the demand along with the business orders from our customers from the ending market.

So what are the best suitable hair products for you to select from GOODYARD?


1、HAIR EXTENSIONS – This is the most common hair products in salons with huge demand. GOODYARD are supplying luxury human hair extensions to more than 50 countries and areas in America, Europe and Oceania. The mature technical can make sure the consistence of the hair quality.



Differ from basic extension business, we are recommending the NEW BUSINESS for hair salon and stylists!  This is a new product but more and more popular in Hair Store and Salons. Some stylists prefer to use Hair extensions and Toppers together to create hair styles, make the hair more volume, easier application and natural looking.



Ready to Wear Wigs – If you are managing a Wig Boutique,GOODYARD would like be your partner, as we are stocking various Trendy wigs

Semi Finished Wigs – Recommend to Salon and Stylists. Allow you to make hair styles as per client’s request.

Customized Wigs – Demand is also welcomed. Our R&D department will make the styles as per your exact request.


Join GOODYARD to get the best service and products NOW!


Along with the growing of demand for quality human hair extensions, everybody wants to get the best quality hair with competitive prices. While the supplying market become more and more complicated, raw materials supplying and labor force become hard to control. So it is really very important to find one reliable, professional and honesty hair manufacture to help the salons and stores to gain their customers’ trust and keep long term business relationship.



With more than 30 years experience in hair industry, GOODYARD HAIR are improving the R&D technology and processing workmanship in order to catch the changing market demand.

GOODYARD VISION is to provide customized service for people all over the world who are in desire of beauty.



Nowadays the hair business patterns are gradually updating from traditional wholesale to quick & frequent small batch business. Under the help of internet, communications become more and more convenient and quick. It is so easy to get in touch with hair manufacturers via internet for Salons owners, hair stylists and store owners. They prefer to source the hair products directly from oversea manufacturers instead of local wholesalers.

GOODYARD HAIR is aiming to provide the best service for people who love GOODYARD quality hair products.

If you are a hair stylist, or you own a salon or store, and you are looking for a reliable supplier, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be at 24 hours service for you.

Salons Co operations

Goodyard are aiming to be the strong support for Hair Salon & Store

Our mission is to create the beauty and provide the unique service to our customers.


Because the salons usually can deal with the private customers, so they can get the feedbacks from the terminal clients. So we hope can cooperate with salons that can get the feedbacks from the users of our products, then that will be a good chance for us to update or improve our products.

Such as for hair products, because our own design department, so we can produce the unique color for our customers .so we also want our salons customer that can provide the hot color trend or fashion designs.

Such as the eyelashes, we can provide the OEM service with their own logo, then we want to help our customer to expand their business into wholesale and create their own brand.

We also have our own video and we can expand to our salons customer to know about the lash production.

We think we can create more beauty to our customers.

Hair Salon & Store Support

Milan fashion week just ended with a blaze of deafening fireworks on Saturday. The models attract our eyes, not only the fancy clothes but the stunning hairstyle.


Every girl has dreamed of being a Barbie with long blonde hair or has short hair be a cool girl or just curl their hair be a hippy.


Whatever hairstyle they choose, they are as if saying: I am what I am, enjoying beauty.

Goodyard salon can do it. No matter short hair boyish girl wanna be a blonde “it girl” or Daddy’s little girl be a cool girl with heavy smoky eyes. Goodyard hair salon is the best choice, which helping you find yourself.


Goodyard salon offer various products category with high quality guarantee, design and tailored for you. Goodyard salon is always hold one belief, just to your satisfaction.


Goodyard branch office located in California U.S.A. support of sample testing , inventory ready for shipment, professional customer consultant.

The branches in Europe and Australia market are under construction.

Come to join us!

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