Goodyard are aiming to be the strong support for Hair Salon & Store

Our mission is to create the beauty and provide the unique service to our customers.


Because the salons usually can deal with the private customers, so they can get the feedbacks from the terminal clients. So we hope can cooperate with salons that can get the feedbacks from the users of our products, then that will be a good chance for us to update or improve our products.

Such as for hair products, because our own design department, so we can produce the unique color for our customers .so we also want our salons customer that can provide the hot color trend or fashion designs.

Such as the eyelashes, we can provide the OEM service with their own logo, then we want to help our customer to expand their business into wholesale and create their own brand.

We also have our own video and we can expand to our salons customer to know about the lash production.

We think we can create more beauty to our customers.