There is always a topic we can never ignore- thinning hair. How to cover? How to make it look normal? How to find your beauty back? There are some certain answers — wigs, hair pieces, extensions and so on. Today we are going to introduce you one kind of hair piece for thin hair- lace closure.

People may feel like the lace is too dark to look like our scalp. Some people may put powder or foundation to lighten. We try but still not sure how natural it would look having to make it much lighter. Many people are with snow white scalp. This is a main concern.

Some people may require transparent lace base, you may think it would be more undetectable, actually it’s not. The hair knot we called – hair root which go through the lace hole can be seen obviously.

But if you have ever used a lace closure, you wouldn’t worry about this. The lace we used is light brown that is the most welcomed and used currently. With different hair loss area, Uniwigs provides different lace base from small size 3.5*4 up to bigger size 6*6. We can do free part, three part or middle part to match customers’ needs.


Goodyard insists on improving and developing hair products skills based on requirements and feedback from customers and marketing.

Hope all these talked about bring hope to people who are with thin hair.