Hair weft, we know also called as hair weaves/hair bundles, which are one of the quicker methods of hair extension application to make your hair longer, healthier, volume and more lustrous, as a common hair extension loved by the customers and hairdressers.affordable-human-hair-extensions

Machine weft hair extensions are the classic type of hair wefts, hair are sewn together using a sewing machine, fully affordable human hair extensions, can be cut at will, into any width you want.

Hand tied weft hair extensions are tufts of hair sewn or tied together meticulously by hand, using a strong piece of weaving thread. Exquisite handcrafted makes it belongs to the luxy hair extensions, but NEVER try to cut the hand-tied wefts, because it will ruin it.hand-tied-weft hair-extensions

Have you ever heard or used the FLAT weft? I assume the name it’s vivid already! It’s a innovation of the traditional hair extension weft, our technology has made it possible to create the thinnest hair weft ever, a soft, flexible and invisible weft is born, with more possibilities and better results.

Goodyard produce flat wefts are only 1mm thick, Is that hear thin enough? Quality, natural and health hair sewn together by sewing machine, mix with polyurethane base, so far it’s the thinnest application for sew-in hair wefts.


The ultra thin 1mm weft soft and flexible, let customers get rid of bulkiness, feels soft, light and comfortable to wear. And the polyurethane base is strong enough, don’t worry about the breaking, and will not cause any irritation or discomfort when wearing.

As we all know the machine weft hair extensions or hand tied weft hair extensions with return hair on the weft, which is kind of wasting to use much longer hair length than we need, and may cause tangle of the different directions, slightly bulkiness feeling. But the flat wefts without short return hair on the weft, because hair are integrated into the polyurethane base, also prevents hair matting or the irritation of scalp.

Compare to the hand tied weft hair extensions, one of the unique features of Goodyard flat weft is that you can cut the flat weft into any width you want, and without shedding issues, and the weft will not shed any hair or lose its strength. Cut the flat weft at your will whilst sewing hair wefts in, to fit for the customers, stimulate the creativity of the hair stylist.

invisible weft
Would you like to try the flat weft hair extensions? Feel free to contact with us for further questions, we will be more than happy to help you!

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