Youthful and vigorous campus hairstyles always remind people of the old school days. Acting young with an optimistic attitude towards life. Combing up these beautiful hairstyles and presenting your pure and youthful face, are you ready? Come and learn from your favourite star how to imitate these campus hairstyles.

Herringbone hairstyle

Victoria Justice Lady Herringbone’s hairstyle: Smooth and straight hair can stand out among curly hair in European and American cultures. After all, it is usually associated with feminine ladies. With herringbone bang hairstyle, girls’ foreheads appear more beautiful and their faces look slimmer and more beautiful. Making them look much younger and resulting in an ultimate campus style look.

Nifty Bang

Carey Mulligan’s Nifty bang braided short hair including a side parted long bang with two small braids that are hidden among hair. This can introduce lots of layers and give off almost a cubic look to the simple short style. If you incorporate this style with a lightly colored dress to match, it will be look even more nifty.

Hair hoop

Hair Hoop: This Gossip Girl uses a hair hoop to beautify her natural hair. It’s sweet and lovely appearance incorporates a deep red hair hoop that allows her skin to appear healthy and youthful. Combined with a light red lipstick, the whole temperament becomes clean and pure.

Ball Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens Minus-age balls hairstyle: Balls/Bun hairstyles are popular among women throughtout 2012 because of its relax and agile nature. No matter how crazy you are about the Japanese style or South Korean bun styles, you will occasionally be tempted for a balls hairstyle. What’s more, it is also popular within European and American campuses.

Body Wave hairstyle

Emma Watson, the ultimate Campus hair girl. Sporting a Split Body Wave Hairstyle: When desiring to modify your face, this split hairstyle is a good choice. Moreover body wave hair gives you a mellow and relaxed appearance.