Pu skin hair wefts are also popular hair extensions on hair salons. Hair is designed for any customers with thinning hair. The weft hair extension is also convenient to wear and does not damage the hair. Let’s share some outstanding benefits of hair extensions.

Transparent Weft Part

The ultra-thin poly skin material is nearly transparent so it appears naturally on your head. It is considered a natural material, so it looks like your real skin. The hair extension is totally undetectable to the naked eyes.

weft extension

Offer comfort

As I stated, the hair wefts look natural and lightweight. You may feel totally comfortable because the hair is attached with tape adhesives. If you install the hair properly, it will lay flat on your head and appears like your own hair. Also, the bonding is less heavy, so your hair moves more flexibly and easily.


As you can see, the hair extension is knotless. The material is also very thin and much slimmer compared to other weft hair extensions. Whether your hair is thin or fine, this hair weft is your best option.

Cause minimal damage

The hair weft is designed to add more hair volume and length to your tresses, and it minimizes damages to your natural locks. The hair weight will be spread out all over your tresses to give fuller-length hair. Plus, you can comfortably sleep with the PU skin weft hair.
FAQ About Goodyard Pu Skin weft Extensions

Hair Material:

We’re mainly supplying two kinds of hair material to your local market, one is the best quality Virgin Human Hair, which is cut directly from donors, only some thin and young hair selected, have a soft and silky feeling, can last to 12 months with good care, mainly for the high-end market. Another is regular remy human hair, with also has good quality with competitive price, can last to 6 months, it’s a good choice for the middle market.

Colors: We supply various colors including solid colors, highlight, and balayage colors. You can order one set of color rings from us to choose the right color exactly or send us your color swatch or hair sample for us to copy exactly. We also provide basic colors to many salons or hairstylists which they can re-dye into other different colors according to their customers’ request.

skin weft

 Custom Service:

We have a professional sales team with many years of experience. All inquiries will be replied to within 24 years, and the salesmen also have the opportunity to learn some knowledge of the workshop to be more professional for our clients. Welcome to visit our website www.goodyardhair.com and send us your inquiry with your detailed request.

 Private Package Design:

Many hair salons and wholesalers we are cooperating with customize their own package with their own logo. Yes, the skin weft hair extensions with exquisite packaging will make this hair look very luxurious. We can do the customized package. Please send us your package design in PDF or just send us your logo and we’ll help you make the design for free.