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The Pure and Sexy Hairstyles of 1920s

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Luxuriant, shinning 20’s after world war I let people feel like a dream , no matter the gorgeous “The Great Gatsby” or the showy of “Gone with the Bullets” are all make people dreams of this time.

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Flapper Handband, the fashionable hair accessory of last 20’s. Flapper means the birds who just learn flying, while Flapper Girl references to describe the beautiful and frivolous young girl with American. They excessive and arrogant because of their young and beauty. Their hair accessories always use the feathers, lace or pearls, pure and full of temptation.

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The great Gatsby is the best replica of the great world of that period. Once the various and exquisite accessories of Daisy appear, they become the fashion of most women.

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If you want to talk about Flapper Girls, we must learn something about the social background in the 1920’s. You can call the ten years time “jazz age” or “roaring twenties”. After the baptism of the world war I and the influence of the oriental culture, the new and full of infinite vitality period is approaching. Women at that period gained unprecedented freedom and liberation. And Flapper is born from this.

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Each generation has its own unique brand, just as Flapper, it represents the trend of women in 1920s, also a cultural symbol. “ New women” of Flapper are self-reliance, control their destiny by themselves, forecast the freedom of American culcure.

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Marion Cotillard plays the role of the women in this culture in “Midnight in Paris”. But as the literary youngster, her hair accessories are always made from lace or yarn, or just a french lazy short hair.

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In any prosperous era, alcohol and beauty are the best way to show off the capital and pass the time. But the women of “The Great Gatsby” is different from other times, they also like the freedom and enjoying the pleasure of life as the men.


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