Recently Jue has been invited to act in a film. She has frequently participated in various kinds of roles. Though being invited to these kinds of events would make the majority of usa little nerve racked, Jue can handle it quite well. The secret is her confident yet different ever-changing short hairstyle. Let’s have a look at how she managed to rob the camera lenses in all directions.

Burgundy hair

Restored Burundy hair

Restored Burgundy Loose Hairstyle

Extremely loose short hairstyle gives her a kind of lazy and messy appearance. With this eye-catching burgundy/red color, she looks glowing and lively.

Straight hairstyle

Straight hair

Meticulous Straight Hairstyle

The left-right asymmetric hairstyle makes her full of fashion and distinct from others. Part pointed hairstyle gives her a spiffy feeling.

Face covered hair bang

Face Covering Personalized Bang Hairstyle

A large amount of brushed forward hair to create a “big bang” is the key to this hairstyle. The slight curl at the end gives a nice touch to the hairstyle.

Natural Hair binding

Natural Hair Binding

Part pointed bang matched with a simple black hair binded hairstyle can always keep her in with the latest fashion trend.

Middle parted loose hair

Middle Parted Loose Hairstyle

This middle parted hairstyle gives her a natural and effortless beauty look.

Simple Braided hairstyle

Simple Braided Hairstyle

Braiding the entire head of hair in anupdo styleseems like an easy choice, but it is full of elegant temperament.

Part pointed hairstyle

Side Parted Short Hairstyle

Side Panted bang gives her an intellectuallook. When matched with simple loose curls, she looks young and lovely.

Bob Hairstyle

Personalized Bob Hairstyle

This strange white Bob hairstyle included with a small bang makes her standout from the others.