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Pros & Cons of Hand-tied Wefts

Nowadays ,more and more hair salon owners or wholesalers are looking for hand-tied wefts.Why this weft extension becomes so popular?
Pros The hand-tied weft means the hair is tied on the hair weave by hand. It’s more thinner and flexible than traditional machine weft. It also can lay very flat, so the hand-tied wefts are kind of undetectable and comfortable extensions available. The wefts are durable and long-lasting .So it’s favored by many weft customers now. Goodyard Hair also supply the hand-tied wefts made with luxury virgin human hair. The hair keeps the same cuticle direction without tangling. Hot-sale balayage colors are also available. You can please choose the color number from our color swatch or send us your color ring or hair sample to copy it. Perfect colors will be made by our professional dyeing workers with over 10 years experience.
Cons Because the hand-tied wefts is made with lots of hand-work ,so the price is more higher than machine-made hair wefts. They cant be cut freely in case the hair falls off . Therefore, do you like the hand-tied weft ? We also produce various other type of hair extensions, such as machine hair wefts, clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions and pre-bonded hair. Welcome to look through more hair extensions on our website:

Should You Get the Color Ring of Hair Extensions?

The color ring of hair extensions is used specifically for color matching .Some customers also call it color swatch. It has a sample of each hair color for cusomers to choose the colors on hair extensions they like . So, should you get the color ring when order the human hair extension?  Here we’ll give more guides on this post.

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According to our many years’ experience, We think it’s a good idea for hair stylists and salons to get the color ring so that they can have it on hand and show to their clients, especially for new customers to Goodyard Hair. It’s also a perfect way for salon owners or wholesalers to choose the color they like exactly with the hair extensions supplier rather than on pictures. For hair stylists,this is a good choice because not only you and your clients will be on the same page in terms of color, but the client will also have the opportunity to look at and feel your hair extensions.

There are over 30 different colors on our color swatch including hot-sale balayge colors. Some customers want to use or make their unique color ring.You can send us yours to copy it perfectly.




Do you have any ideas about the color ring of hair extensions? Welcome to look through our website about various hair extension types we supply.

How to Get the Tape-in Hair Extensions from Hair Salon

Tape-in hair extensions are a perfect way to instantly transform short hair into long.They are very easy to apply and remove without any damage to your own natural hair. It’s important to come to a hair salon to do extension if you want them instead of doing them at home, because the professionals always know best. They would be able to tell you exactly what you need, the type of extensions and they will help you reach your length goals.


The process of putting in tape in hair would start by the consultation.The consultation is the most important thing. You can tell your hair stylist what color you want and the length you are going to try. They will know which hair color number to match your hair and what’s your hair goals .


Some hair salon have their own color swatch, so they can show the color number directly to match your hair color. Or some hair stylist will show you their hair color sample to choose from . They will also give you the professional suggestions if the color number can blend your hair naturally. After that they’ll decide the length of hair extension depending on what you want.Finally,they’ll install the tape hair extensions on your head and style it to make you have the perfect transformation .


Goodyard Hair supply high quality tape hair extension to many hair salons and wholesalers. The hair is soft and natural ,no tangle ,no shedding.Best wholesale price will be offered from our factory. Welcome to look through other human hair extensions on our website

How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions


You should try to get the best one when considering hair extensions. Hair extensions will give you a dramatic impact on your appearance, but your choice of determining the right one which will give you the positive impact will be of vital importance. The texture and the quality are two of the most important things to be considered in purchasing the weave.

Synthetic or human hair extensions is almost the first choice you may face when buying weave. Generally, human hair is more expensive and better in many cases. However, you must think about how you will style and maintain the hair extensions at first. Then you can make sure which one is better. For example, if you want to change your styles liberally, human hair is likely to be best. If you want to get braids which will have burnt tips, then synthetic hair is better.

Unless your trusted stylist gives you a recommendation on purchasing weave, you’d better see it and feel it before purchase. You may find that most hair extensions are in packages when shopping. Then how can you touch them? Don’t worry, they always prepare samples which will allow you to appraise the quality. Generally, weave looks charming in the package, but a different reality can come to light when opening the package.

ombre hair

When it comes to synthetic hair, don’t automatically assume that it must in low quality. Although many types of synthetic hair extensions feel too plastic and look too fake. Hair extensions that in high quality and look naturally are available.

If the weave you want to purchase is on a track, you should assess whether it sheds and if so how much at first. Comb the hair with your fingers, if a significant amount of hair comes out, choose the different one.

Also, considering your own hair is very important when choosing the best weave. You need to make sure your hair will be visibly blended with the weave, the colors are compatible even if they are not the same, and the texture is matched to your own hair. Don’t get the wrong weave which is obvious to your natural hair.

hair exten

Goodyard Co., Ltd has been a leading professional hair supplier since 1984 in China. Goodyard provides both human hair and synthetic hair extensions. From carefully hand chosen human hair in various textures and lengths, to synthetic hair products, you are sure to find the hair that’s right for you at Goodyard.



Step 1

Put the extensions on your head to make it fit your head size.


Step 2

Fasten the wire with a knot for the perfect fit and make sure the extensions will never slide aside.


Step 3

Cut off the extra wire to make the wire invisible to others when applied to your head


Step 4

Place flip-in hair extension with the wire sitting behind the line. Gently push down to fit over the ears and sit at the base of the skull.


Step 5

Either split the hair around the ears or leave over the top as pictured.


Step 6

Use the tail comb provided to pull your own hair over flip in hair extension.

Latest Application-Nano Ring Hair Extension

Nano ring hair extension is the latest application and similar with popular micro ring technique, but much smaller and more invisible. It looks and feels more natural, because it is virtually undetectable. It has become the latest new fashion trend and favorite for many people

. cassie nano rings

As a new arrival, Nano ring hair extensions contain the smallest tips and reusable hair extension. It is extremely comfortable and you can hardly feel the weight.

The tip is the most important part, which can hide the extensions and demonstrate a natural looking. According to different request, the available sizes of the tips include 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm, among which smallest is 2.0mm, 90% smaller than a standard micro ring!

nano micro ring bead

The application of nano ring hair extension is very easy. No heat, no glue, no sew method, it is kind to your hair and quick to fit. When installed and removed by a professional stylist and cared properly, The nano ring system is safe for using on all types of healthy hair. Nano rings can be worn for up to 2-3 months before maintenance depending on type of your natural hair . 

nano ring hair extensions

Many people will ask “How to apply this hair extension?” pls visit the following video and you will get the answer:

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