Nano ring hair extension is the latest application and similar with popular micro ring technique, but much smaller and more invisible. It looks and feels more natural, because it is virtually undetectable. It has become the latest new fashion trend and favorite for many people

. cassie nano rings

As a new arrival, Nano ring hair extensions contain the smallest tips and reusable hair extension. It is extremely comfortable and you can hardly feel the weight.

The tip is the most important part, which can hide the extensions and demonstrate a natural looking. According to different request, the available sizes of the tips include 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm, among which smallest is 2.0mm, 90% smaller than a standard micro ring!

nano micro ring bead

The application of nano ring hair extension is very easy. No heat, no glue, no sew method, it is kind to your hair and quick to fit. When installed and removed by a professional stylist and cared properly, The nano ring system is safe for using on all types of healthy hair. Nano rings can be worn for up to 2-3 months before maintenance depending on type of your natural hair . 

nano ring hair extensions

Many people will ask “How to apply this hair extension?” pls visit the following video and you will get the answer: