Eyelash extensions now is more and more popular recently.

Here we would like to give short introduction for all kinds eyelash extensions that we could produced.


Individual lashes:

They do not like the pairs of eyelashes which are attached to a strip but come separately from each other so that a person can place as many eyelashes as she wants.
They are bonded strand by strand to your own lash with a special bonding adhesive and create a natural and extremely true-to-life effect.
You need to look closer and more thoroughly to see that in fact these little pieces are false.


Volume lashes, AU market also called fans lashes.

For this kind lashes one cluster and cluster, which could be pick up on cluster and apply on eyes. It is very easy to use, and also save your time.


2D to 10D


Strip Eyelashes

Strip eyelashes are easy to apply.  Our strip lash product line consists of an assortment of strip lashes in varying lengths, styles, and colors.


Lashes range from natural and delicate to extra short strips and long, natural and dramatic styles.

They are available in a wide range of colors from conservative blacks and browns to wild blues, pinks, feathers and rhinestones that are perfect for costume or party-wear or everyday wear for the daring.


Material: 100% human hair / Real Mink fur/Silk synthetic fiber/ Horse Hair


Magnetic lashes.

Using miniature magnets to hug your natural lashes between two lightweight fiber lash strips to create dramatic, sexy eyes in seconds with no glue. Mag lashes will give you length and volume with no artificial look of fake eyelashes.

Safe to use everyday with no irritation or damage to your natural lashes.

Miniature Magnets secures your Mag Lashes in place and will not move until you remove them.

Application takes seconds with no glue or adhesives.

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