Time changes everything, it’s the truth when its said we are unable to get rid of the changing of our hair and skin as we get older, but, it is also a truth that no one wants to accept the change. We are always trying to make ourselves youthful by using all kinds of make-ups and creams. These are good methods, but now, we would like to stress that hairstyles can also play a very important and useful role to make us look younger.

Hair Extensions of different types, amazing colors and textures are very popular in today’s current market. Sometimes, only a strand of crazy colored hair extensions can and will attract many WOW comments. Here, we would like to share several hairstyles that make you look 10 years younger.



Bangs may hide creases in the forehead, but side-swept bangs can frame the face better than misplaced wispy strands.




clip_image004EMILY BLUNT

Over-lightening hair, especially to an ashy blonde, can make you look a bit drawn.

Meanwhile, the rich chocolate brown is vibrant, fresh and warm up your milky complexion.





It’s a rich lively dark hair, but the one-tone color look is too common.

Meanwhile, a popular Two-Tone honey blonde color with sunny highlights will brighten up the face.