Leading Fashion Hairstyle Trends

This Annual Grammy nominations showed both old and new pop stars with three generations offer male singers. See their hairstyle trends below.


PINK: Her acceptance speech and high yet short style hair were fabulous.


Miley : Possibly the same hairstylist as Pink? What do you think?


KeSha: With Beautiful facial features, personality displaying make up and”one-sided” long curly hair, sexy and full of rock stars style.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: Not only a beautiful face, her fine hair is the key!


Britney: Her golden rule to beauty is casual dress with her simple ‘girl next door’ look.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: She focuses on her long straight hairstyle,although her straight hair isn’t dead straight, she incorporates a natural curl over her shoulders, in order to successfully display a very calm and sexy attitude.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera’s style is sure to be based on the perfect styles and latest trends. She gives off a cool vibe with her matching Caps and Hood wear.


Rihanna: The latest trends allow even short hairstyles be equally as feminine.


Shakira: The ‘messy’ hairstyle expresses the stars madness or relaxed and effortless look?


Beyonce: Her glamorous facial features, sexy colors,meticulously combed hair coupled with a high neck respectable dress, so full of elegance and breathtaking beauty.


Avril: Has always been non-mainstream, never beyond, never less

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: Gaga isawonderful work of art, alegend……often leaving us wondering, does she live on Planet Earth?