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New Start at Hair Expo Australia


With more than 20 years’ development, Goodyard Co has spread its business to more than 20 countries. 2014 is one of the notable landmarks in the history of Goodyard Co. On June 6th, Goodyard made its first appearance at Hair Expo in Australia to meet old clients and explore the new market.


Before we set out for Australia, we have high expectations of Hair Expo Australia. We well prepared samples of human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces, eyelashes and so on. We also do some research and data analysis and find out Australia customers pay priority attention on quality. So we bring some high level exhibits.


During three days’ exhibition period, we have met numerous visitors who are interested in our products. Most of the customers speak highly of our products and immediately place on order on site. Undetectable hair extension is one of the most popular products. Our flip in hair extension, clip in hair extensions, tape on hair extensions are out of stock on the second day. Australia people are very pick on r product’s practicability. They even require more undetectable hair extension, namely, Nano ring hair extensions as the following pictures show. But thanks to the advanced technology, we can produce this kind of products according to clients request.


We also launched a salon program on Hair Expo and provide professional services to salon clients by helping them increase their salon revenue. We offer several types of ready to wear wigs. Semi finished wigs and customize wigs to salons with many value added services as follows.

√ Premium Quality

√ Factory Price

√ Free Samples at first cooperation

√ Regular clients with large amount of order can enjoy the privilege of free samples

√ 15 days no reason to refund

√ Fashionable Designs and Innovative products

√ Resource Sharing, Promotion Your products on Goodyard SNS Platform such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and wechat.

From the site reaction, Goodyard Salon Program can be called as a success and is recognized by many salons.


On the whole, Goodyard has achieved a lot in this trip to Australia and would like to continue its steps towards spreading our dreams into every corner of the earth and make further movement to help more people to regain beauty and rebuild confidence.


New Fashion- Flip in Hair Extension


Keratin Pre-bonded hair extension-You Deserve

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