How to look extraordinarily beautiful in an occasion? Regardless of whether it’s a wedding, or some other exceptionally extraordinary event, mink lashes are certain to use on the different level.

Nowdays ,the new 5D strip eyelashes becomes very popular on the market now..They are more thicker and beautiful when you apply. With mink lashes, people additionally utilize a high-quality cotton band that is to a great degree adaptable, which makes them simpler to apply. They are also really very soft and light so they don’t put weight on the natural eyelashes. We also have more than 200different styles for choose.


Because the mink lashes cant last very longer curl as the false eyelashes. So pls also well noted never let them get wet or they will look their shape.

The price for the 5D mink fur eyelashes is also not very higher, very acceptable.and they are also very popular on the USA or Europe market which want more attractive eyelashes .