Punk was rising in the 1970s. It shows an anti-rock musical force. As the most primitive rock, it is composed of a simple melody and three chords. Punk music pays no attention to musical skills, but is more inclined to ideological emancipation and sharp anti mainstream stance. Under 1970s, the specific historical background, has been actively followed in Britain and the USA. Eventually come into being the Punk movement. Meanwhile, punk music is very popular among young people from all over the world.


According to this theme, Punk hairdo is extremely particular about individuality and liberation. Both sides of the hair cut very little or without hair, and middle hair ruffled up is the most punk hairstyle.


Punk Spirit can highlight the unique personality, make you become the focus of everyone in the crowd, punk hairstyles have always been the stars of all ages.


Speaking of punk, Avril Lavigne must be mentioned. Her overbearing half bald Side points and iconic punk makeup came into our field of vision, fully shows her cool and charisma. Tell us the other side of Avril.


Khloe Kardashian and Kristin Stewart also deduce the punk hairstyle elegance and fashion sense. In addition, Agyness, with her unique white gold hair punk style, also brings a new fad. Uninhibited individual messy short hair has a great visual impact.


After all, the best hairstyle should be according to the characteristic of each person, consistent with their temperament.

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