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Latest Application- Microchet Hair Extension

Microchet hair extensions (formerly known as Macrame) are one of the latest inventions in the field of hair extensions that consist of a very gentle threading technique that is virtually undetectable. It is causing people to gain more and more attention as the latest new fashion trend .

The process is quick and easy with no pulling, stress or damage to your own hair.  It is both extremely comfortable and light that you can hardly feel it yourself.  The attachment is so small that it can be applied on even the thinnest of hair and on areas of the head (temples, mid scalp, fore head) where most other systems cannot.


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  1. Rylene Lewis

    Do you still supply microchet extensions as I can’t find them on the website?

    Many thanks!

  2. josette d davis

    do you supply the microchet kit as well as the microchet textensions?

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