Lovely Gal, June Penny, has made a new youtube video to talk about her favorite human hair topper for this new season.(Video s here )


If you guys follow June’s Youtube Channel, you will know June has been wearing the Hair Topper to conceal the thin hair all the time due to her hair loss issue. And during this whole summer time June has chosen to  wear the Charleigh Wavy Hair Topper. When the fall has come, June would like to have her straight hair back so she has decided to put on the Charleigh Straight Hair Topper instead of the wavy one.

In that video, June said the Charleigh Hair Topper is one of her favourite hair toppers, because of its 6” *6” Base Size, which can provide more coverage over the scalp than regular 5” * 5” Hair Topper. And its curved base is meticulously designed to fit the shape of human crowns. June is also a big fan for these toppers with 3 parting, since you can have the left part, the right part or the middle part freely. In the Video June also suggested that you should plug some hair along the parting line in order to have the natural looking part when you first receive the hair topper.