Eyes become charming and invigorative after applying the eyelash extension in professional salons. But don’t forget to pay attention to the daily care after the grafting. You should be careful when using makeup remover or when washing your face. They have a lot to do with the durability of the eyelash extensions. Now let’s have a look at the secret of staying beauty of your eyes.

The right steps of washing face after grafting:

1.Take suitable amount of cleansing mousse or facial cleanser to your palm (rub the  facial cleanser to foams).

2.Put the foam evenly on your face( avoid the root of your eyelash), then massage your face to clean it.

3.Throw water to your face to clean the facial cleanser.

4.Using wash sponge, cleansing cloth or tissue to dry your face.( Plz don’t rub the area near your eyes, just press is ok).

5.Apply facial care products on your face (Keep the oily products or eye cream away from the root of your eyes).

6.Your eyelash extension still maintain the good and beautiful condition.