Due to the COVID-19, people are searching a good opportunity to make money, maybe the business about hair extensions is a good choice. Hair extensions are kind of a popular commodity, in an amazing way to make quick additions to girl’s hair length, style, and texture, and doesn’t harm your natural hair. How to get a start 100 human remy hair extensions business, find out following 3 tips.

1.Quality Hair Extensions Supplier

In order to establish a hair extensions business, find a hair extension supplier is the first thing you need to do. A quality hair extensions supplier who is:

  • Reliable

Suppliers are usually the foundation of any business dealing in tangible products, therefore your reputation rests on their shoulders, you can only be as good as they are.

  • Business Partner

Choose a supplier who is not only interested in sending you orders, but also a supplier who can act as your business partner to help you when needed.

  • Good communication

Whether your supplier is local or overseas, please make sure you can always contact them when you need them.hair-extension-supplier

2.Choose suitable hair products.

Only the hair extensions products, also include various different types, like hair wefts, tapes-in hair, fusion hair, or mico-ring hair extensions, but we recommend the human hair extensions clip, especially for the online business.

As 100 human clip in hair extensions is the perfect solution to have a quick and easy changing, easy to apply for only few minutes. Attached with pressure-sensitive clips so they don’t damage your clients’ hair.

3. Own Brand Packaging

Hair extensions brand and packaging are also important to success your business. Your packaging represents your company and reputation, so it’s worth spending extra time on this. The packaging should include some important details as below:

Brand information
Contact email or phone
Company official website
Social media contact information
Actual address location if you have


Overall, it’s not an easy task to start a hair extensions business, just like no business is easy. If you are planning to start a hair extensions business, hope above points will help you and wish you good luck!

Goodyard hair company a human hair extensions supplier in China since 1984, our hair products have been dispatched to over 80 countries, with 75% of our business being conducted in American, European and Australia markets. To learn more about our clip in remy extensions, or any other questions about hair extensions, please contact us today! We’d love to help boost your business in the new year 2021.

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