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One of the biggest flaws in the genetics of both men and women is hair shedding. However, for many people; this condition can be easily controlled by following a few routine treatment measures. The following are some ways you can control and prevent mild hair loss without the need to see your doctor or buy expensive hair treatments and detergents.

Massage Regularly with Oils

Massaging the scalp with oil can greatly promote hair growth. This is an excellent treatment for those who wish for longer hair. Regular massaging will encourage blood circulation in your scalp and reduce stress levels that arise due to hair fall. You can massage your hair with coconut oil for three to four times a week. Make sure the oil stays in your hair for at least six hours before washing.

Use Homemade Formulas to Treat Hair Loss

Mix an equal amount of lemon juice and fresh alma juice and apply to your scalp 30 minutes before taking a bath.
Fresh lime juice can also be mixed with green coriander leaf juice to promote hair growth.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet

A protein rich diet is very important for the proper growth of hair. Make sure your diet includes milk, yogurt,  cheese, soybeans, eggs, poultry and fish, if you aim to improve your overall health and your scalp as well.

Consider Wearing a Wig

If your hair loss is completely out of control, consider wearing a wig until your hair grows back. A wig is a great short-term solution for hair loss and will help make you look and feel great until your own healthy hair comes back. For questions about your hair or alternative hair solutions, feel free to contact us.
Here are some examples of human hair wigs for your consideration.