Most people discard a cosplay wig when it has become damaged or tangled. This is unnecessarily wasteful, especially if a kanekalon wig is thrown away. So, let’s focus on methods of salvaging tangled cosplay wig made from high temperature fibers and kanekalon bellow.

cosplay wig

First, let’s look at a tangled cosplay wig. Just as the photo shows, it’s rather jagged and fluffy. There are knots of about 10 centimeters away from the top.

It will be difficult to comb it without using some type of hair detangler. So, add a little hair detangler and grab a small section of the hair with your left hand. Use your right hand to comb the hair using a steel comb or an anti-static comb from tips to root.

Do not instantly, resort to using scissors, if you encounter a knot. First, run your fingers over the knot, attempt to smoothen it. If it becomes smooth, just pull it and comb it with a steel comb.

If it does not become smooth, use your fingers to quickly drag small knots to the tips. The knots should be as small as possible. Then, cut at the middle of each knot; don’t pull the hair once cut. Use steel combs to comb it once again until all cut knots are pulled from the wig and adhere to the steel comb.

When encountering a group of, do not use scissors because these knots will easily form while handling a wig. If you cut the wig frequently, the wig will have less depth. Instead, separate the smooth hair to one side of the wig and the group of knots to the other side of the wig. Then, comb the wig upwards, about 10 centimeters above the knot several times, using some force until the knot combs smoothly.

Repeat above two steps as needed. In most cases, hair is tangled and has knots, however you can deal with these utilizing the above two steps. After removing all knots, wash the hair. Flush water while combing. Then, allow the wig to air dry.

If possible, use an electric hair flat iron, which is the only tool to smooth jagged end. Before clipping, comb several at times and hold the top of the wig with one hand to avoid it hanging freely. Grab small section of hair with the other hand and slowly flat iron the hair from roots to tip. Use a little force for a smoother look and to evenly distribute the heat.

And there you have it; a tangled cosplay wig made from high temperature fibers has been restored to the original shape.

This will create the finished look, the tips of the hair are no longer tangled and frizzy, instead you now have soft and silky, tangle-free hair. Spray a bit of hair detangler and store the hair into a hermetic bag until the hair detangler dries.