In the name of fashion and style, most women are fond of dyeing their hair, yes, it’s cool to change your hair color and look, but surely some of you have had some bad experiences in the past, for example if your newly dyed hair has fadedafter just3 to 4 washes.


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No matter if it is temporary or permanent, dyed hair can fade as a result of many factors such as bold colors, heat styling, frequent washing, sun exposure, etc. In fact, no method has been provento stop the hair from fading forever, however, there arestill some useful tips you can follow in order to reduce it.

1. Choose the right color.Stylists suggest staying within three shades of your natural hair color and also using a clear gloss colorto seal the cuticle whichcan add more shine to the hair as well as extend the life of your color.

2. Use caution when heat styling. Apply a good heat protector to hair strands before blow-drying, curling or straightening. Heat damage will cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and break, which in turn will cause your color to look dull and faded.

3. Take special care of your hair when washing byusingcolor-enhancing shampoos.These professional products designed for color treated hairare typically more gentle and moisturizing. Also avoid using high temperture water which can lead to the opening of the cuticles, allowing hair color to be rinsed away easier, therefore, a cooler water is preferred. In addition, It is recommended to avoid washing your hair within 48-72 hours of having it colored.

4. Reduce your hair’s exposure to the sun and chlorine,which can bleach your hair, cause the color to fade faster. Wear a hat at the beach and a swimming cap when you’re in the pool.

If these methods have been effective for you,Or you have some other methods, Just voice your idea on our comments section below.