Once you want to buy a lace closure, you might be puzzled :how can I know which size being fit on me?

Here, I will introduce you one way that you can measure the size that is most closed to the size you need.

As known ,most of the wigs or clousers maders use the inch ruler,so you’d better get a inch ruler.You can get the size step by step as follow:

  1. Find the center point of the place that you want to cover on your head of head;
  2. Put the “0” on one of the edge where the zone you want to be coverd,let the ruler cross the point that you find in step 1 to the other edge,record the number ; repeat the step on the left edge, record the number too.After above step,you have got two numbers.
  3. In order to cover the area naturally,you might plus half inch to the number you had recorded.

Then,you can contact to the seller which you have choosed,tell them the

size and the color and another texture you have confirmed.

The steps that I wriiten as above were told by one of the Uniwigs Designers who is called Rose.

I have tried the method for times,It’s a good method,so I am very sincerely to share it with you,Thank You!